Welcome! We are an association whose main purpose is to enable people who are interested in doing so to practise zazen – Zen meditation – together with others. We practice zazen at our training temple, Zengården and our city centers in Stockholm, Göteborg, Lund and Helsingfors.



Here you can read more about Zenbuddhistiska Samfundet, what Zen is, our tradition and more.



You can buy books, meditation cushions, incense, magazines and more in our web shop.



Through this section, our members can log in and register for various events, download recorded teishos (Zen Buddhist lectures) and articles as well as get access to the association’s internal information.

Zenbuddhistiska Samfundet   |   e-post: zen@zazen.se   |   tel: 0581 63 00 61 / 0761 49 53 74